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Abandoned Carts Can Be Converted

Abandoned Carts Can Be Converted

Manny’s Marketing Minute. Let’s talk today about ecommerce abandon rates. They tend to be between 60 and 70%. So people are shopping for things in the basket, figure out how much it is, how much the shipping will be, how long it’ll take to get there, then they leave on purpose or they get distracted by something else and that cart is abandoned.

Most shopping carts are then going to automatically send an email to that person after some period of time that you designate. Well, let’s think about how we want to approach that email. You want to make sure that you adjust it so that it matches your brand. I got one today from a company. I was looking at a vest and they sent me this email that said, “Complete your purchase” and it was really authoritarian and seemed like somebody wasn’t paying attention.

Complete your purchase

There’s lots of ways to approach this either with humor like, hey, you’re going to be cold out there if you don’t complete your purchase or just a nudge like you forgot this and you might want to come back and pick it up. And then there’s an inducement that could be seen from between five and 20% discount or free shipping if you complete the transaction. So shopping cart abandonment emails – you want to make sure you personalize them to your brand and stay away from Orwellian authoritarian commands.

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